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. an important new development in the with the head of the ntsb, it is all ahead on the ktvu channel 2 morning news. complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. good morning, thank you for joining us, it is thursday, july 11th, i am pam cook. >> friday evening, let's get a quick look at weather and traffic instead? that cooler air and fog came in and, that is out of the west, 60s to mainly 80s inland, here is sal. good morning, traffic is moving well on highway 4 westbound, not a huge delay as
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you move through, san mateo bridge traffic is moving along well to the peninsular, now let's go back to the desk. we have some developing news involving a car and do bicyclist, here is more information from the scene. >> reporter: we know it was a mother and her child and we will not say in the child was a boy or girl, but it happened on newark boulevard, we are told it was a young child, not a teen and they are being careful about what information they share because a lot of relatives showed up at the scene and they want to make sure they give the facts to the media. here is what we know. a mother and child were on bicycles and were hit traveling on newark boulevard near newark
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community park just after 8 last night. you can see the force of it and it is unknown if it is life- threatening and they did stop and they are cooperating with police. at this point it is unknown if she is at fault and they asked if the bicyclists were crossing in across walk and at this point they are trying to gather all of that information. we do know alcohol and drugs to be a fact for janine de la vega ktvu channel 2 morning news. we are continuing to follow developing news out of eek land where police are searching the home of the father of a missing
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girl. an amber alert has been issued for daphne web. she was last seen wearing orange pagan and pink hearts. she has been missing for one day and her father said he left her in an suv with a disabled relative when he went into a market but there is a possibility the child was not with her yesterday. >> witnesses report seeing a woman walking away with a child that reaccident bent and oakland police roll asking anyone who saw john web or
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daphne in the days or weeks before her disappearance to please contact them. >> in snow what county, a car hit -- sonoma county, a car hit a pedestrian. it happened south of santa rosa and then hit the pedestrian, the career driver helped. they plan to release the identity today or tomorrow. the fire started in an upstairs unit an injured more than 20 people the cause of fire is still under investigation. >> meanwhile 570 customers were
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affected and now 120 customers are still waiting for electricity and still no information as it could soon work on the debris late last night. >> claudine, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we want to update you and who better to give us that update is deborah hershman, thank you for joining us. tell us what is happening, i know they are out there and as many as we can do and they are getting ready to go home and we have turned the runway back over to other officials we have to get that cleaned up am we
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saw the train and we have noticed it is there and what made everything change to make you say i think we've got what we need? >> well, we can see some of the on seen efforts are starting to are 0 wrap up. we will look at what we have, try toel eval -- evaluate. >> reporter: how much of it do you still need to look at more closely or are you completely done with it? a significant portion will be turned over but we have turned over the runway but not the airplane. and we need this evidence going
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forward. >> the majority will stay with us and there are parts we will continue to take back to d.c. >> reporter: let's talk about the significant interviews in terms of what we know the pilot reported seeing a much light and they reported about a delay in terms of payment being a better picture of what happened. >> i think we all have to determine with respect to that which we have. went i went back, he said it was not a laser and when he went back into the cab pip and he had to get new information
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on what is next. claudine wong, plows news. the ntsb has been posting daily messages on its twitter account since the saturday crash. we will have more on the impact that social media has into flight 214. also new this morning, we will receive an update on san francisco general hospital we have seen family members supporting bay areas and there are currently three of the patients including a child is listed until critical condition. we will go on primetime within one hour with a primetime special and it airs tonight right before the 10:00 news.
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we want it check in and hopefully as we head out to the mark mcarthur maze maze, there is a littleby -- there it is a little bit light, here is steve. it lifted with tropical moisture and it is very close. we have a little bit of it northern edge and dry air is coming in, pushing it out of the area, but it is rain being down in san diego. >> yes. oceanside, i see the line right there as pole as central southern 3-year-old carlos nava. high clouds they are going --
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novato . high clouds, they are going west and we have more low clouds and low fog, a couple going on for the temperatures and if you see travis at 30, that is an extra whole day on the hair spray. that is across the board to some some of that humidity factor but not for us. low clouds, spots, temperatures coming down in the inland areas, other areas are about 99 two days ago, 60s and 70s closer to the coast and bay, it does look a little warmer as we
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head towards them. what they are doing to show customer information. and they are being taken away by flash floods, how officials knew months ago this exact area would flood. good morning, southbound 680 traffic is moving along well, we will tell you more straight ahead. the thing is,
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. welcome back, this is incredible video to see, we are getting dramatic video of a mudslide which trapped 20 cars, and this is where more than 20 inches of rain fell causing that mood to flow into 20 houses. officials have within worm are warned and the fire killed 2 people and destroyed 27 homes. two men are accused in a richmond gang rape. marcellous peters faces life in prison if they are convicted of
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a brutal rape two men have already been convicted in the case unless there is sexual assault charges. furloughs will affect more than 1,500 civilian employees. through september 21st, they cannot extreme see. estimates say the loss will lead that the loss of 750,000 jobs. why what wants -- yahoo wants to report some secrets court documents made public, kyla? >> reporter: this story is america are you news exclusive. they wanted details on customers and information and
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mercury news said a top surveillance court made them compliant that gave them leverage to have other tech groups follow suit. now they want to unseal the documents knowing they fought the document and they thought the government was there after edward snowden revealed u.s. intelligence gathering practice. this argues details made by yahoo, just how soon a decision needs to be made by unsealing that information when i see you next, ktvu channel 2 morning news. governor governor jerry brown has come up with a single
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execution method. they are not and several others have switched to a single drug execution method in response to legal challenges. exclusions have been on hold since 2006. and there are currently more than 700 inmates on death row. they are continuing to take part in a hunger strike and this is day 4. they testified to the prolonged use of solitary couldn't fine. and they are suspected of having ties to prison gangs. they are seeking a limit. they have been approved to add sand to the shores of the crown beach. it will last about two months and more than 82,000 from cubic yards of san will be detried
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and they don't want to minimize disruptions to the public. we don't have any major problems brian and pam but if you are needing that but you might still see some flashing lights warning you of the roadwork but it is gone. some of the cash lanes are having a little bit of a line, nothing too bad but if you are driving with fast tract or if you get to the light, it is much better for you with no major problems. we have a lot more in terms of tropical clouds. there are still plenty in southern california and central california and also towards san diego and even in the desert and it was close, we saw some
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of those clouds yesterday and they are out in the forecast. 50s on the lows, 160 and 50 natural resources, tropical clouds, it is an issue off to the east where they are staying for now, and a lower and cooler and breezy and afternoon temperatures again since the forecast, 80s or the 0s, or going on an inland keel for temperatures and then they start to warm up. they are starting with gains and that follow is the trend started by asian markets
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overnight. train are a in and it thosesque shows they are -- it shows they are trying to stabilize economic growth. some foreclosures are down and they signaled they may not ease up on their stimulus policy so it is a little bit of a quiet mixed policy and futures indicate a very good mixed opening. and they are talking about something racially offensive. they suched crude harassment and their target was never intended to target anybody and the company is apologizing. when a brit turn rider said
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the plane crashed upon landing. >> we are not hearing -- we are now hearing from passengers moments after the crash occurred, we can hear them plead being with them to hear more.
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. it happened just moments after they got off the plane. >> i saw at least a handful of people behind me. >> there are no ambulances on the ground. we have been here 20 minutes. lots of fire engines not one ambulance on the tarmac. >> you can hear panic as people wait to hear ambulances arrive. more than 108 people were killed in that crash and still in critical conditions the airlines are stunned about the quantity of information being made public and the union is questioning whether it is leading to whether they are leading to a dangerous rush to
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judgement. and the jump of twitter followers jumped when they mosted it, they are looking into flight 214. they will look into it both on air on your mobile device. >> he was the most reason and he was completing stage 11 of the race yesterday when a disgruntled spectator threw urine on him. his team is not planning on taking any action. meanwhile ian his brother are accused of assault willing a man in hawaii after he signed a three year contract with the
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raiders. if could vicked, he have faces time. and now once again we have been looking at all the bridges and once again steve and i are the fog brothers and it does not seem to be as severe as it was the other day and right now in san jose for he can -- example and it should be a nice drive and we had inland temperatures rocking it up and they started a cool down today and they will continue that today. highs some 60s and lower 90s. well, there could be more
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trouble coming back for the america's cup. last night there was a wreckage of the plane. >> survivors get an up close look at what is left of the plane, their thoughts and emotions since last week's crash. why police want to talk to people who know the girl's father when morning news continues.
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. there is some tropical crowds and we have a bigger fog bank here and it is pushing along with a delta breeze which is mainly inland and 60s and 70s coast and bay. it looks good as you drive over to sunnyvale, we don't have any significance just ned. there is a little bit let's go back to the desk. ing with are searching for a missing girl.
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an amber a alert, she was last seen whering pink heart be 0 and pink socks. police are now searching the home of web's father, katie? >> reporter: they are also involved in this investigation including the fbi and everybody is hands-on after reporting and once again i want to show you a look of the child. here is a picture of daphne viola web. her father reported her missing. they left the toddler in his suv with his elderly mother when he went into the store. a man who lived in the
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neighborhood, said web approached him for help. i said have you dialed 911 and he said no and i said well call them right now and he did. >> neighbors tell us she is the toddler's grandmother or whether it was there to begin with. investigators are so searching around where they visited so is the father a suspect. >> we are not looking at this like a suspect and we are trying to narrow it down and
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they saw a child, light skinned and her descriptiontive factor was long black straight hair and police want to talk to that person and they also want to talk to anybody who knows john web or daphne, they are trying to peace together a more accurate timeline of when this child was last seen by somebody other than her father. meanwhile they are looking for a person who stole a car but drove off with a baby instead. a family of 5 had stopped at the gas station to fill up a man with a gun told them to get out and he then drove off with the baby in the seat and
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shortly after they baby was found about a mile away. we have a a wrap up. i want to show you where they can shed up shots and atherton ns o making herself available to answer questions questions and we will have more about the investigation on the runway and fso. we will do it before they still need to get we spoke it to deborah hershman. >> we talked about those big rocks from the sea wall that were scattered up the runway
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and we have a big aircraft part and i know you have all seen the cranes, a and you and that they can clean the runway and have to do could resurveys willing work. >> remember, we have 12 to 18 months for this 6:00 to be completed which means they will still be conducting interviews and they will be piecing together everything that happened with flight 214 probably by the end of the week. and then they will go back and try to pull the all of those
5:36 am
doctors from connect pit and they said this could be a -- cox pit and they all said it could be a learning event and make sure it never happens again. we will head over to the airport and i want to show you some of the that activity of happening and we will get this underway at daybreak. well several people returns back to the crash site. some people were emotional and cried as they saw the plane up close. >> talking and seeing the passengers gives you a fuller picture of what happened. some people were in front and others had their babies on the carry on worked to get out quickly. >> the trip was organized
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before was harl away and we will go in testimony and ktvu channel 2 morning news in-depth flight 214 airs tonight right before our 10:00 news. two men are recovering from serious injuries after being stabbed at a concord supermarket. the and the other victim was smashed in the head. police have not made any other of arrested. it happened at 6:30 last night. one man was rushed to the hospital with a been rushed to the scene. >> we are looking at the
5:38 am
possibility of many rounds fired. >> police say is does not seem to be a robbery but am five year and it will be a chance from one to the other and the changes do not making boat safer but they give the champion oracle u.s.a. an advantage. and he reported the first conference sponsor is among the three challengers of the. and a new twist from a knicks
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for faulty -- fix for the faulty brick and time now 5:38 sal? >> what are you doing, sal? >> funny. >> you know what, i am just sitting here at the and i think today we are starting often pretty well and we are hoping for a good commute. there is a little bit of a backup here and metering lights go on at 6:00. there is a little bit of an early crowd but and steve and i have been telling you delay and they are not enough in
5:40 am
operation yesterday. this is a look at 101 and 880. >> we are reporting multiple layers of the clouds. >> oh, the tropical clouds, i mean it missed us by that much and it was close and some sneaked in later yesterday afternoon. there is still plenty in southern california. auction fee subcentral is here and dryer air is coming in from the east, it end very close am and there is a little low coming in and that's one reason why high clouds are pushing off
5:41 am
and that's am 50s on the temperatures. and santa rosa is 50, 52 in san francisco, san francisco half ma'am and dusting to 35 miles per hour, that is a howling sea breeze, any time you see anything over 30, that is assure sign the didn't it breeze make it all the way to and they will try testimony and head back and low clouds, breezy for some. maybe out towards travis is well here, 60s and 70s and 80s a and we will continue to
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. good morning everybody, time now 5:44 here is a quick look at some of the top stories we are hearing and an accident
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happened last night in newark. the extent of injuries is not known. meanwhile they are searching several locations for a missing father. john web said his daughter disappeared yesterday morning and he left her with a disabled relative. and a construction crane was called in to take out the debris and it is going back to fso. they will announce when they will reopen the runway which has been safe. ment plane was forced to land after the plane started having mechanical problems. the pilot told the control tower that there was something wrong with the high interest do
5:46 am
you recall i can -- hydraulic system. so far only 1 out of 20 bodies have been identified. it is very difficult, there is fire and even water can destroy dna. the 30 people missing, george zimmerman is accused in the death of trayvon martin. the defense rested its case yesterday and they requested to dismiss the case. the neighborhood watch volunteer said he shot and killed trayvon martin in self- defense. >> is it your decision to not testify in this case? >> yes your honor. >> are you making that choice freely and voluntarily? >> yes, your honor.
5:47 am
>> they are preparing for didn't tracings. >> with two federal agencies started yesterday morning. they say the schools are not being shut down and no students or faculty are in any danger. they could not say if they were related to any problems. they were accused of funneling three companies they own. they are eliminating danger troops in so many as 18 countries. then found security conditions i am improve -- have improves. some of the countries are slighted to be removed from the dangerous assignment
5:48 am
ll1al0fitte complex including it may open on labor day weekend after all. it would be delayed until december due to faulty bolts but now an independent engineering he can bert and this you call for a broken chimpanzee to tight end the bolts. transit officials say they still need to look at the proposal and look into the possibility of the existing bridge withstanding a major earthquake. we are looking at all, and it is between walnut creek and oakland. naturally it is getting a little bit busier. i know the metering lights go
5:49 am
on at about 6:00 and that's when we have the back up to fill in. in san jose and south bay, it was nice and thing you sir, bigger gag baring and tropical clouds came close charges crows and you mate want to wake some of it away. 50s on the temperatures to near 60s but a lot cooler lows and they were a lot warmer than this a few days ago do -- a few days ago. i do know somebody who is watching by the way. >> streaming. >> more fog, cooler inland temperatures and they will
5:50 am
continue with that west wind, one little system there and another one is streaming in. it goes cooler and breezy for some. i think it will level off or some lower 90s and they are making it far inland which tells us it is a cooler pattern. it does look a little warm a few minutes ago. and they have hit a two month high last week. 306,000 people filed dark 360,000 people filed for the first time and that's up 61,000 from the we'll become and in other economic layoffs are low
5:51 am
slow to the lowest level and we'll see how wall street responses since the recession. fewer homes are entering foreclosure process. lenders are starting foreclosures much in june and that's down 21% in may it is is lowest and this year's drinks are almost twice as big and they are handing them out for free. 7.117.11 cups.
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. good morning, lots of low clouds, we have cooler inland temperatures, 60s and 70s and
5:55 am
80s for most. people in arizona are cleaning up after a huge dust storm and this is video of the huge wall of dust rolling into the southern part of the state. time now 554, we are learning more about lewd conduct and he allegedly globed a woman on a again any on a -- in a hospital. he told the woman she was gorgeous. and in a statement, although go dan has been accused of touching another patient on the premises, there are different versions of what was reported. and the giants say he will be
5:56 am
there to play the padres. they have confiscated $40 million of marijuana. the is your -- surprising gilroy and the potato marijuana fine -- marijuana farmers had been siphoning water from a nearby lake. >> they are worried about habitat destruction. >> officers say it could take years to restore the area after this particular grow operation. an estimate on the damage $0 million. it was way down and that's
5:57 am
down from and the drop may be due to the heat last week and the bart strike is actually being am made. last time we spoke, any problems now, sal? >> let's hope it stays that way, we are looking at getting into the valley and it has been very nice and it is not too much of a problem to drive there, southbound 680, we had an earlier crash at 680 on the shoulder and it didn't turn out to be as good as it gets. here they are and we were
5:58 am
just in a plane crash and there is a lot of people who am needs help. >> and police are looking for a local toddler and we will have your forecasted highs coming right up.
5:59 am
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. an amber alert is in effect for an oakland girl, why police are at her father's house. and a mother and a child are hit by an suv, we will tell you what we are learning about the driver. and it is a big day in the flight of 214, ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. >> i am brian flores, i, we will have to get

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